Academic Teaming and PLCs

Dianne Rivelli-Schreiber
Principal, Calusa Elementary School, Palm Beach County, Florida

At Calusa, we began teaming last year and this 2018-2019 school year- we have truly developed and evolved processes for academic teaming. I have the opportunity to attend the K-5th grade PLCs and see how various teams work through the planning process of academic teaming. One success I have seen that stands out is the way the 2nd grade team collaborates, participates in healthy debates, ties academic teaming to all standards, reflects on their practices, and encourages leadership from all its team members. It’s important for leaders to grow leaders and to allow teachers to TRY things in their rooms. It’s in trying that the are able to see what works and what needs to be adjusted. I am able to see what they do in PLCs transforms into the classroom practices of academic teaming with the students. Students are able to articulate how teaming has helped them and how they participate in discussions which leads to higher thinking skills.