Manatee Math Club at the District Tournament

Mary Figueroa
Instructional Coach, Spring Lake Elementary School, Seminole County, Florida

Our school placed a big emphasis on teaming this passed school year. As a coach, I had the opportunity to watch the structures transfer from classroom to classroom and watch our students evolve in their ability to confidently and consciously interact with one another to solve the tasks at hand. In hosting our Manatee Math Club, the fluidity to team with peers outside of their class and grade level became even more evident. The hard efforts of our teachers truly showed when we went to the district wide math tournament. Our students were awarded with a trophy for best collaboration while problem solving. At first, we were under the impression that everyone would get a “participation” recognition, but this wasn’t the case. The students were honored to have received such a trophy. District personnel even congratulated some of our students and recognized how our in-class efforts to promote teaming have really paid off.