Middle School Staff Reflects on MAP Growth

Selena Wardyn
School Leader, Walnut Middle School, Grand Island Public Schools, Nebraska

Walnut Middle School PLC’s set a goal to see their students grow at the 80th percentile according to MAP School Status Score growth from Fall MAP to Spring MAP. We had many teams grow their students at this rate. Our 8th Grade Math groups grew at the 89th school status score percentile (one team) and at the 90th percentile (second team). I’ve included 2 videos. The first video provides a great example of a purposeful task that was provided to students in one of these 8th Grade Math classes. The ownership of the learning lives within the students. The teachers are allowing for productive struggle and provide high level questions but never rescue. This first video demonstrates all of the above. I have also included a second reflection video from the entire year. If you focus on 7:07-9:23 on the second video, you will also hear from this 8th Grade Math PLC and what they share reinforces the impact their teaming and LSI implementation has done in facilitating growth!