Productive Struggle, Engagement, and Classroom Community

Kelly Burton
Second-grade teacher, Calusa Elementary School, Palm Beach County, Florida

As a teacher, teaming has been a game changer in the classroom. Teaming has helped me have a more student centered classroom and has allowed the students to truly have a productive struggle. It has helped my students become less dependent on me and they have become more independent and cooperative. They have become a true classroom community and have learned to work through their differences both academically and socially. Teaming allows the teacher to have more on the spot instruction and has also enabled my students to grow in many ways. There is more academic application through teaming. The students have an opportunity for teacher support, peer support, and independent practice through teaming. Most of all, teaming has helped my students be more engaged learners and has helped prepare them for real world situations. Teaming has become one of the many keys to unlocking student success.