Student Teaming, Independent Practice, Confidence, Perseverance, Success!

April Franzen
Kindergarten Teacher, Jefferson Elementary School, Grand Island, Nebraska

When I began using student teaming in my Kindergarten classroom there was always that little echo in my head, “….student teaming sounds great…BUT will students be able to do it independently.” The answer is yes BUT even better!!

When students were working in teams they were teaching and coaching each other. They were talking, clearing up misconceptions, and applying new knowledge to their work. Then when students were asked to show what they knew independently, they were able to apply what they did with their team to their own individual work.

I absolutely LOVE the pictures of my Kindergarten student looking at his target and success criteria while he was thinking. Then he points to what he wants to apply to his work. Followed by application of writing. WOW! It is at that moment when the words “…student teaming sounds great…BUT will students be able to do it independently” moved out of my head, and I felt confident that student teaming is a powerful tool for student achievement!