TEAMS: Together Everyone Always Meets Success!

Geri Fishman
Third-grade inclusion teacher, Calusa Elementary School, Palm Beach County, Florida

Teaming works! I am an optimistic person who is usually ready to take on a challenge. Teaming seemed like a challenge worth taking. I’ve taught for almost 15 years, I thought I had teamed before, but this year I learned what true teaming is. My classroom is third-grade inclusion. I have students with many different social, academic and emotional needs. Could they truly come together, help one another and grow? Yes, they could and they did. My students made gains in learning and gains in understanding one another. They forged together as real teams do and took on the weight that others couldn’t carry. But instead of just doing the work for their teammates, they helped their teammates achieve success. I feel strongly that teaming was a benefit to my students. I interacted more with my class, I was able to scaffold learning within the teams and I could visibly see my student’s pride when they met success criteria. Teaming teaches real life skills of listening, cooperating and understanding. I am proud of my students and I know they have grown both academically and emotionally too from teaming! TEAMS: Together Everyone Always Meets Success!